April Sylvester

Mission in Zambia

April Sylvester

Youth Ministry in Zambia

April is involved in an outreach ministry to Zambian youth that involves discipleship and mission training.

Home Church: Church of the Resurrection, Wheaton, Illinois

You can email a missionary by using this format: firstnamelastname@sams-usa.org.

How To Love Your Body

I grew up just like you: Hating my body. And I am still like you: a little bit farther down the road than I was at 16 but still have moments of dislike for my body every now and then.I have been working on loving my body for 10 years now…

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3 Tips for Combating Loneliness in a New Place

There are so many beautiful things about living in another country (see blog post). The food, the people, the scenery, learning new things. But there are also hard parts too. Not every day is an Instagram worthy picture of me hugging smiling kids or hiking cool hills. There are days that…

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